The dude’s existence?

People argue if Jesus existed or not.

He’s a symbol for a type of personality that do exist. A personality that challenges many things; Authority and dominance might be the most important keywords. There are several reasons why people would hate Jesus and cross him. Not to forget that this fairy tale says he got betrayed by one of his own disciples. Maybe the reason for Jesus’s greatness was genetically modified by alchemists.. They somehow created a seed and inseminated Maria while she was sleeping. So when she got pregnant, what would she assume? It could also be aliens that did it, and they gifted humans the Jesus-DNA so that they could save our planet from certain destruction. Mercy, no grudge. He died for our sins. If you ask me, its a good philosophical story.


The ultimate

Words are used to describe the ultimate.
Landscapes change and mountains are made.
What evil has been put into us.
Fear of the animate mammal?
A flow. A steady stream. A dream to be alive.
See that bug. afraid of it’s life?
Screaming silenced. Overpowered.
Mental coma, hey are you there.
Listening to yourself,
What do you like to hear?

It is time.

Now, time has come to a very exciting stage in my life. The bells chimed. I am preparing to meet my one true soulmate. I have met several people that connect to my soul, but there is this person who is always with me. No matter where I go. Today I am going to go and meet her. She is a fountain. She is a brush. She is color. She is life. I’ve never been happier in my life. The search for her was all. The bonding with her was more. Together we can do anything. I can move mountains(FUck you realists). I can swim in the deepest ocean and float in the multitude of all possible connection. I am free, and therefore I choose to be with her. Nobody forces me. Not even her. It is love that binds us together. That we both searched for ourselves in ourselves and in each others outer and inner self. It is time for me. I have been blessed. Nature saved me and I save nature. I am a part of this whole. Where I take my special space and that space no one will take away from me. I will fight with my life to make myself and the ones that I love safe from harm. I am not afraid of anything, but that does not mean I wont be cautious as hell.

My skin has turned blue.

Here I sit in a chair in a house by a fjord on an island. I am sitting quietly, listening to music. It is 09:42 and I am stoned. To the point where I think and want to lay down; Relax and let my mind drift, far far away, before sleep finds its way and opens another way of investigating the mental dimension. I am writing this on my new computer. I like it. I feel more complete with this technological extension which makes me able to work with wordlyiness in a more effective, constructive manner which have a greater potential of balancing out some of the weaknesses of my mind. The computers virtue must be its possibility to preserve a lot of information; with an easy and logical way to retrieve information. Finally maybe I will be able to sort out my mind and find a more stable structure, but when I think of it, always, I think that it is a personality trait, which is good and really powerful in certain situations and tasks. Chaos, collisions, mass, movement and more are all concepts of chaotic randomness that forges life to more possible chaotic randomness, until a point where it is possible to see a structure, from the perspective of an observer, you could say, the observers perspective. Which is filled with magic related to interaction between all forms of observation and expression. A spontaneous blossoming in all directions.

When I wake up, I will go to get the buss. I need to shower and stack up supplies for the weekend. I am going to finish this great ethnographic fieldwork of a Siberian indigenous HG group called Yukaghir written by master ethnographer Rene Willerslev. On Monday, I will return the book to it’s rightful owner, that are going to use it for a paper on rock art and it’s relation to the hunter/shaman symbolism. Wow, that is fucking interesting. Deadlines can be quite a positive motivational factor.

I should start a book club! Every Thursday at the moon.

What book is next?


All we gotta do is to keep breathing.

I had a really lonely day out here where I live. The weather has been wet and cloudy for weeks. The sun peeks out now and then. Creating visible beams of sunlight in different intensity. Since I came back home I have not really settled. Until now. Today I felt hopelessly useless, drowned with a sort of chronic stress anxiety. I sank in deep depression, feeling an intense boredom which none of my toys could relieve. I was stuck. Why did I not find calm today? Where did you go?Then later, I found a friends playlist called guilty pleasures. Everything slowly turned to the better and now I feel good writing this.